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Welcome to VR Voyaging!

Welcome to VR Voyaging! This site is dedicated to people who love to explore fascinating places around the world, but can’t always find the time or money to get away. Virtual reality (VR) gives us an amazing way to experience the world like never before.

Our mission is two-fold: to introduce new people to the wonders of VR, and to explore the world virtually. We publish various introductory and informative articles about all things virtual reality. We want to help you in getting started with this amazing technology. We’re also always on the lookout for virtual places of interest: current, historical, and fantastical. Our favorite VR experiences combine a sense of immersion with cleverly conveyed commentary.

If you love travel, culture, or history, we hope you’ll enjoy our articles about voyaging in VR. We’ll review experiential titles specializing in culture and travel, tell you about great headsets, and share tips for getting the most from your setup. Whether you’re new to VR or already a pro, we look forward to hearing from you in the comments!