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Getting Started with VR

New to VR? Wondering what you need to get started? You’re at the right place!

Find the right VR headset

The first thing you’ll need to do to experience VR is get a headset. A VR headset sits on your head like a visor and replaces what you see with the simulated (virtual) visuals. Most headsets also have controllers that you hold to interact with things (though it’s becoming more common for headsets to just track your actual hands). Read our headset reviews for more information.

Find the best VR experiences

Read our apps and experiences reviews to find the best titles for you. Many titles are free, others are paid. VR Voyaging doesn’t sell these apps, instead we provide links to the digital stores where you can get them. A small number of VR experiences don’t need a download at all since they run online from a web site directly.

Additional Reading

Read our intro articles for a deeper dive. There’s lots to learn, but hopefully we can help make it easier!

We’re always happy to hear your questions and comments. Let us know below if there’s anything else you’d like us to cover. Happy virtual travels!

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