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25% Off Quest & Rift Experiences

Save money while supporting VR Voyaging!

With the Meta Store referral program, you can get 25% of any Meta Quest or Oculus Rift experience over $9.99 when you use our referral links. On any app page with a Meta download link, look for the gift icon (). VR Voyaging receives $5 Meta Store credit at no cost to you for any purchase you make using these referral links. It helps us buy more apps to review which keeps the content coming!

If you’re ready to get a Quest or other Meta headset, you can get a $30 Meta Store credit when you buy a new Meta Quest headset using our referral link. Links on our headset review pages (Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest Pro).

As you browse the site, you’ll also find links to products on Amazon, plus various accessories. Many of these links also pay us a referral fee at no extra cost to you, and often with a discount. We hate ads as much as you do so we hope to slowly get rid of ads if we can while still covering our costs.