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VHA XR Network Community

A community focused on changing the way Veterans receive care using Extended Reality (XR).

VA staff guides Veteran using VR headset.

Welcome to Extended Reality at VHA

VHA Extended Reality (XR) Network is transforming care by bringing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to Veterans. VHA XR Network helps design, develop, and spread therapies for use cases such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, physical therapy, recreation therapy, PTSD, and so many more. VHA XR Network shares resources, lessons learned, successes, and failures across VHA. It has enlisted VA facilities, frontline staff, and administrators across the country in conversations and efforts related to XR use in VA.


In the VHA XR Network Community section of Diffusion Marketplace, you can see the XR Network Innovations being spread throughout VHA, view the latest XR News and Events, and learn more about the XR Network.

Featured Innovation

Virtual Reality for Pain and Anxiety Management

Virtual Reality for Pain and Anxiety Management began in 2017 to increase access to, and utilization, of non-pharmacological interventions on a post-surgical ward. The program utilizes a VR head mounted display and healthcare-specific software to address pain and anxiety management through positive distraction. Within the WNCVAHCS, VR has been utilized with over 400 Veterans with 66% of Veterans experiencing a decrease in acute and/or chronic pain and 95% with a decrease in anxiety.

Virtual Reality for Pain and Anxiety Management

XR Network Diffusion Map

xr-diffusion map

Explore how XR Network Innovations are being adopted across the country.

Featured Events

VHA Innovation Experience 2022

Watch VHA XR Network’s Caitlin Rawlins, RN give an iEX talk at this year’s VHA Innovation Experience (iEX) conference! iEX provides Veterans and the public a unique opportunity to experience and celebrate how VHA innovation, collaboration, and technology are breaking boundaries, forging the future of Veteran healthcare, and most importantly, changing and saving Veteran lives.

VHA Innovation Experience (iEX) 2022
Featured News

Inside the Effort to Expand VR Treatments for Mental Health

Article from May 6, 2022 in Smithsonian about the historical and current uses of VR.

Inside the Effort to Expand VR Treatments for Mental Health (Smithsonian)